Weapon Manuals

Weapon Service & Operator Manuals on CD
Learn from the best military in the world! This CD has a combination of military weapon manuals and other operator and service guides for all types of armaments.
Weapons manuals on CD

Some of the weapon systems/armaments covered include -
M-16A1/A2, AR-10/M-15, M-14, Ingram Mac-10, Galil, FN Mauser, FN FAL, Browning 50 Cal, M-60 machine gun, M9, .45 Semi-auto, M249, M203, M3 SMG, Sten MkII, Winchester 12 guage, Walther P38, Field artillery, Multi Launch Rocket Launchers, Air missile defense, Light anti-armor, Remington 700, M4, Xm-15, SKS Type 56, Druganov sniper rifle, Lee Enfield MKI/III, Heckler & Koch MP-5, Taurus arms, M67 RR Gun, M18A1/M18 Claymore mines, M47 Dragon, Mortars, Stinger team operations, Helicopter gunnery, Grenades & Pyrotechnics, Unexploded ordinance, Valmet M76, Stinger team Operations, Anti-Personnel Mine M18A1 AND M18 (Claymore) and more.

This CD also includes a couple of bonus guides on basic combat training, marksmanship, sniper training, hand to hand combat, ammunition, explosive disposal and safety. A must for any survivalist, gun owner or enthusiast!!

Weapon Service & Operator Manuals