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Eddie Murphy is by far one of the more talented comedians to ever get up on stage. He was born as Edward Regan Murphy on April 3rd, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. Eddie joined Saturday Night Live as a full time member in 1980 as a young 19 year old comedian. He went on to have a very memorable four year stint at Saturday Night Live. Not long after SNL were a string of hits including Delirious, 48 Hours, Raw and Trading Places. After a couple of slow years, Eddie Murphy's career was somewhat rejuvenated with the Beverly Hills Cop series. But the late eighties and early nineties were tough times for Eddie Murphy at the box office; until the Nutty Professor was released in 1996. Eddie also lent his voice in the movie Mulan, Shrek and Pluto Nash. Overall, Eddie Murphy has had a very successful movie and comedy career that has thrilled many fans.

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Eddie Murphy Buckwheat

Audio Clips - .WAV/AU

SNL Audio Clip  Eddie’s famous 'Buckwheat' character from SNL (.Wav)

SNL .Wav file  Eddie’s 'Mr. Robinson' character from SNL (.Wav)

Saturday Night Live  Eddie Murphy as 'Velvet Jones', that slick ass pimp from Saturday Night Live (.Au) “I wanna be a ho ...

Eddie Murphy 48 Hours Streaming audio  'Reggie Hammond' from 48 Hours (.Wav) “Lack of pussy make you brave man”

48 Hours Audio Clip  'Reggie Hammond' from 48 Hours (.Wav) “You know who I am, I am your worst ....

Eddie Murphy 48 Hours Wav file  'Reggie Hammond' from 48 Hours (.Wav) “I’ve been in prison for three years, my ....”

Eddie Murphy - Mr Robinson 48 Hours Reggie Hammond  'Reggie Hammond' from 48 Hours (.Wav) “I hate rednecks...”

BHC  Eddie Murphy as 'Axel Foley' from Beverly Hills Cop (.Wav) ”What the f@ck is this all about?”

Eddie Murphy Sound clip  Eddie as 'Axel Foley' from Beverly Hills Cop (.Wav) ”You know you have a very big mouth sir.”

Eddie Murphy and Mr T Beverly Hills Cop Sound clip  The now classic Eddie Murphy laugh from Beverly Hills Cop (.Wav)

Delirious Sound clip  Eddie from his famous comedy, Delerious (.Wav) “....you know Norton, I have been watching you and...”

Delirious  Eddie talking about Mr. T (of A-Team fame) in Delirious (.Wav)

Funny Eddie Murphy Delerious .Wav clip  Eddie Murphy talking about Stevie Wonder in Delirious (.Wav)

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