Military Manuals

The United States military issues detailed manuals and 'how to guides' on thousands of topics. Everything from arms training, first aid, special ops, and intelligence to running the base camp. You name it, and there is likely a military refernce available. It makes sense to learn from the most powerful military in the world!

Military Pictures - M1A1 Abrams, Stinger, Artillery

Forget looking for individual surplus manuals - we offer them all in four different CD collections. The Military Field Manuals CD includes a broad range of US Army and Marine Corps publications. The Weapon Manuals CD contains information on many weapon systems from around the world. The Engineering Manuals CD set (2 CDs) contains detailed engineering and construction manuals from the US Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies. Lastly, the Survival and Disasters CD has invaluable information from the US Military and many other government agencies detailing how to survive natural and man-made disasters. More than just military surplus!

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