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Eddie Murphy has starred in dozens of Hollywood movies. Here are some of his best and my favourite Eddie Murphy movies.

Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte in 48 Hours
48 Hours Cast and Review
This is what made Eddie Murphy
in Hollywood.
Eddie Murphy in Trading Places
Trading Places Cast and Review
The best way to learn about Wall Street and derivatives trading and have a few laughs!
Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop Cast and Review
Follow Axel Foley's journey from Detroit to Hollywood to solve a murder mystery.
Beverly Hills Cop Set
Buy the complete Beverly Hills Cop Set
One of the few successful Hollywood sequels.
Eddie Murphy in Coming to America
Coming to America Cast and Review
Another very funny performance where Eddie plays an African prince coming to America.
Harlem Nights starring Eddie Murphy
Harlem Nights Cast and Review
Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Red Foxx togther - now that is quite the comedic lineup!
Eddie Murphy returns in the Nutty Professor
Nutty Professor Cast and Review
Eddie Murphy, works his magic on a remake of this 1963 Jerry Lewis classic.
Eddie Murphy's comeback in Shrek
Shrek Cast and Review
The perfect big screen comeback for Eddie Murphy!

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