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What is a network? What makes it vulnerable? In a true sense, one must look at networks as more than the traditional "computer networks". Be they LANs, WANs MANs, etc - or the Internet. For example, you'd hope that the next time you used a bank-card, the transaction would be secure. Or that your electricity meter always transmits the right amount of usage. These and many more applications rely heavily on "networks". Every computer connected to the Internet or any network for that matter has ports allowing for various services to communicate with each other. These ports are virtual holes or openings within the hardware through which information passes back and forth between your computer and the Internet. Securing these diverse networks is a very inctricate science, far from just securing a computer LAN from "hackers".

The holy grail of standards for security products (Anti-virus, Firewalls, Personal Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Encryption)

Firewall Forensics
Find out how to correctly interpret your firewall logs.

Anti-Virus Review | Personal Firewall Review
Provides reviews of the leading anti-virus and firewall products.

w00w00 Security Development
A growing non-profit network security group.

Phrack Online
A free security focused online magazine. Note - the mag has been discontinued but past issues are still available from the website.

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